Platen Jobbing Presses 1830 - 1980's

Many press advertisements of the day were submitted by the manufacturer's agents and, strangely, didn't bother to list the actual maker. Some actually had their name stamped on the press to deceive the purchaser, or so it seems!
I would be most grateful to anyone who can assist me in filling in the many gaps and/or advising me of  any 'cursed' printers' errors!
Thanks, Bill


The credit for the compilation of data for the American entries goes to Mr. Ralph Green, printer/hobbyist, civil engineer and well regarded researcher and author.  He published "A History of the Platen Jobber" in 1953, his second book, which had a modest print run of 495 copies - and well out of print! Without the acquisition of this little book, the project would not have been attempted. Nick Smith, Cambridge University archivist, cheerfully supplied his list of British machines. Herwig Kempenaer's fine collection of European machines, from old press ads and catalogues, were thoroughly scrutinized. Steve Saxe (USA) and Atle Devic (Norway) encouraged and contributed also . . . thanks to all of you!
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