This site is dedicated to the memory of Bill Elligett.
9th January 1944 - 23rd June 2009,
whose passionate love for Letterpress Printing prompted him to keep it alive with his diligent research,
his old school notes and the help and support of his many friends and colleagues from around the world.
We hope it continues to help future generations.

A compilation of information 'deciphered'  from my old note books whilst an apprentice letterpress machinist at
The Melbourne School of Printing & Graphic Arts,
plus numerous old trade journals and books collected
or 'borrowed'  from employers over many years.
A special thanks also to those loyal letterpress
people world-wide who have graciously given
me information and encouragement.

Although the technology has been superseded by more
efficient processes over the last 30 years or so, I'm sure
many still vividly remember the days of compressors
screaming, giant Two-Rev's thumping away, modern
presses whoosh whooshing at speed, platens clunking
and machinists cursing. The smell of kerosene, linseed
oil,  fresh ink on paper and the haze of spray powder
permeating the factory . . .

I hope the following is useful to those of us who do not
want this fine old craft to be forgotten.

Bill Elligett

I - N - D - E - X

Cylinder Machines
Stop-Cylinder Presses
Two Revolution Presses

Automatic Platens

'Bed & Platen' Machines
1830's - 1870's

Modern Printing Roller Manufacture
The Shore Durometer
Evolution of the Composition Roller

Modern Printing Ink Manufacture
Including glossary of ink terms

Block Identification
Manufacture of Line Blocks, Halftone Blocks,
Stereos, Electrotypes and Wax Engravings
Colour Plates/Engravings
Screens and their use

Printers' Furniture and Quoins
Including Patent Bases

Various finishes, Imperial and Metric Sizes,
International Sizes (ISO)

Machine Composition
Linotype, Ludlow, Monotype, Elrod
Including Typemetal - Physical properties, Formulas

Setting The Rollers - Platens & Cylinders
Using Standard Roller Gauge

Koenig: His First Powered Printing Machines
(1803 - 1818)

The Jobbing Platen
(1) History and Development
(2) Numerical Listing 1830--1980's

Press Gallery
Scans of machinery collected from around the world
(added monthly)